Our Services

Why you need a Building & Pest Inspection:

  • Identify safety hazards and major defects
  • Plan your maintenance, repairs or renovations
  • Deal with problems in your existing home before they deteriorate
  • Identify any live termite or timber pest activity so it can be treated and repaired
  • Identify any damage that has been caused by termites & other pests that are no longer active
  • Evidence of past termite or timber pest treatments
  • Assessment of conditions affecting the property which may be conducive to termite activity

Australian Standard for Pre-purchase building inspections:

  • An inspection can only take place in areas that are readily accessible. Any areas where reasonable entry is unsafe or denied will be excluded from the report.
  • We are unable to touch or move other people’s belongings or go into areas without consent, and as much as we love pets even they can get in the way of us providing the most detailed report.
  • The inspection will only cover areas, which can be easily and safely reached from a 3.6 metre ladder.
  • In the roof space and subfloor we need a minimum accessible area of 600mm high or wide. If we can’t reach it we can only report on areas within the inspector’s unobstructed line of sight and within arm’s length.

The areas we check are:

  • The Roof Exterior
  • The Roof Interior
  • The Building Exterior
  • The Subfloor (if applicable)
  • The Building Interior
  • The Site including Outbuildings, such as a garage, granny flat or shed.

What is excluded:

The following list is an example of the types of issues or areas of the house that are excluded from the inspection. Speak with your building inspector about any concerns and refer to the terms and conditions for more details. On occasions we can’t get access to areas of a property due to access and or height limitations, or due to the amount of stored items obstructing viewing.

There will always be exclusions but we are up front about what these and note them in the report.

  • Issues related compliance with the building regulations and acts.
  • Anything below ground (footage, draining, soil conditions)
  • Anything concealed within the walls like insulation, plumbing and electric wiring.
  • Too high? We are only permitted to inspect to a height of 3.6 metres.
  • Explanation of title or ownership matters, zonings.

There are obstructions which are defined as any condition or physical limitation which inhibits or prevents inspection and may include but not limited to; fixed ceilings, wall linings, floor coverings, fixtures, fittings, blinds/curtains, furniture, clothes, stored goods/materials, thermal insulation, sarking, pipe/duct work, builders debris, vegetation pavements, earth etc.

Our inspection is a comparison of the property that has had a similar level of maintenance carried out that is of a similar age and construction type.

We do our very best to gain access to all areas wherever possible.