A Combined Building and Pest inspection is our most comprehensive inspection service and is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for Albury Wodonga properties as it covers both building defects and timber pests. You may not think timber pests are a problem in Albury Wodonga. Think again.

It is estimated that one in five homes in this area has had some form of termite damage.

All homes contain timber elements in their construction and are at HIGH RISK of termite attack.

Timber pests include Termites, Wood Decay Fungi (Wood rot) and Wood Borers.
They can weaken timber structures such as roof frames, wall and floor frames, decks, handrails, external steps and timber retaining walls.


During a Combined Building and Pest Inspection we look for major building defects such as:

  • Leaking roofs or damaged roof plumbing
  • Structural cracks or timber framing inadequacies
  • Leaking showers or baths / wet areas
  • Damp issues such as rising damp or penetrating damp
  • Poor external drainage or storm-water concerns
  • Main structural elements
  • Potential safety hazards such as collapsing balconies
  • Potential Fire Hazard

During a Building and Pest Inspection, the areas we check:

  • The Roof Exterior
  • The Roof Interior
  • The Building Exterior
  • The Subfloor
  • The Building Interior
  • The Site including up to one Outbuilding, such as a garage, granny flat or shed.

During a Building and Pest Inspection, we look for:

  • Subterranean Termites or evidence of termite activity and termite damage as well as evidence of any previous Termite treatment. (Very Important)
  • Timber borers or evidence of timber borers and damage.
  • Wood rot (wood decay fungi) damage and potential safety hazards in timber structures such as rotten timber steps, handrails and balconies.
  • We also report on any conditions that may be conducive to Termite attack or conditions that can cause wood rot.

When should Albury Wodonga buyers arrange a Building and Pest Inspection?

When you purchase a property and exchange contracts there is a 5 day ‘cooling–off’ period. During this time, you have the option to cancel the contract providing you give written notice.

Many buyers arrange a Building and Pest inspection during the cooling off period. It is recommended however, that you arrange the inspection before you exchange contracts as this gives you ample time to digest the information and the ability to adjust your offer based on the building and pest inspection findings.

We strongly recommend that property buyers carry out a Combined Building and Pest Inspection to provide you with full insight into a property. We are available to carry out Building and Pest Inspections wide from Monday to Saturday.

Contact Us today to book an Inspection with Building and Pest Inspections Albury Wodonga.